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How to Plan Interactive Read Alouds Part 1

Are you struggling to plan interactive read alouds? Are you trying to plan faster and make your read alouds both more engaging and save you time? This guide will help you choose the best book for your read aloud.

I have had lot of people ask me, since I have over 400 interactive read aloud lesson plans in my TPT store, how to plan interactive read alouds. I’m not going to lie, it’s a process. Planning one interactive read aloud takes me about 2.5 hours with Netflix on or 2 hours without Netflix 😉 […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Teaching With Picture Books

You should be teaching with picture books instead of chapter books. But why? For one, picture books are more complex than chapter books. Read on to find out more and when chapter books fit in to teaching.

Picture books have gotten a bad rap over the years. Teachers, parents and students alike think that picture books are what you should be reading to your students until they can read by themselves and then they should be reading chapter books. THEY ARE DEAD WRONG! I’m here to tell you though: you should be […]

Tips and Tricks For Launching Thoughtful Logs

Thoughtful Logs tips and tricks for beginners to experts that you can use in your classroom tomorrow with pictures of composition notebook thoughtful log

4 years ago I had just gone through an intense 3 day training on Comprehensive Literacy.  Every teacher in my district had somehow been voluntold to report for the training in July.  Even more surprising than teachers giving up 3 days of summer? All of us had to sit on hard cafeteria benches the entire […]

7 New and Noteworthy Growth Mindset Read Alouds For Elementary

7 Growth Mindset Books For Elementary

Let’s talk growth mindset read alouds. How often do you have to coax, encourage or even beg your students to just TRY a new activity?  How about those GT students who explode when they suddenly meet a challenge that pushes their thinking?  Or that student who MUST do everything perfectly?  Or YOU find out in […]

Night Before the First Day of School Reflections

Night Before the First Day of School Reflections

Twas the night before the first day of school, and all through the school, one teacher was worrying, would fourth grade be cool? Okay okay, I’ll stop, but when I get nervous, for some reason, I like to make parodies of songs and poems.  Seriously, though, last year I wrote a great bus duty song […]

5 Things to Do Instead Of Stressing About Your Classroom Decor

5 Things to do Instead of Stressing About Your Classroom Decor

Do you spend the end of your summer stressing about your classroom decor?  Do you spend hours laminating and cutting owl, superhero, or llama theme decor packs each year?  I used to be you.  No longer.  I’m here today to tell you that that does not have to be you!  Your classroom doesn’t have to […]