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Free Library Games, Resources and Videos

Use these free library games, resources and videos to help students pass the time in the library. These library games, videos, slideshows, and more will supplement your current library curriculum. Hopefully these games will help you save time and engage your students in library skills practice!

Elementary Library Resources

Take a look at some of the links in this curated list by an elementary librarian!

Free Library Games

Looking for free library lesson plans? Click here!

$1 Trial hundreds of library lesson plans and read aloud lesson plans for elementary librarians

You can save time by joining the Picture Book Brain Trust. Not only will you access HUNDREDS of lesson plans, but you’ll also get access to novel studies, digital and printable resources, book giveaways, community and much, much more. Ready-to-go library activities and lessons? It’s everything you need and more!

School Book Fairs

School book fair companies. There are a TON of them. You probably have heard of very few of them, though. Which ones are the best? What are people saying about the different options like Scholastic Book Fairs? I've scoured the internet to find some of the best book fairs for schools. Whether you're a first year librarian trying to find your best option, a veteran librarian looking to see if there might be a better option, or another school official trying to organize your next school book fair, you'll find some great ideas!
School book fair companies. There are a TON of them. You probably have heard of very few of them, though. Which ones are the best? Discover that and more!
Book Fair Advice School Book Fair Checklist and Book Fair Timeline for Planning
Book Fair Advice and Tips including a free checklist to survive your next fair!

Conclusion: Free Library Games, Resources and More

These resources are great for elementary librarians! These resources are constantly updated, but many others can be found on a number of elementary library websites. If any links are broken, please let me know! At the time of this publication, all of the library games and resources are free, but we all know how that goes sometimes. If you notice a link that now requires payment, please hit the reply button below and let me know so I can remove it.

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