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12 Best Free Typing Games For Kids

Looking for the best free typing games for kids? The games here are great keyboarding practice for your students. Sometimes it’s hard to teach keyboarding. These free games provide keyboarding lessons, games and some even track progress!

Free Keyboarding Games

typingclub Picturebookbrain
Free practice that stores student progress and provides lessons
Keyboard Zoo
Keyboard Zoo
Keyboard Zoo
Keyboard Zoo 2
Typing Rocket Jr.
For younger students
Keyboarding Games
Keyboard Challenge
Keyboard Challenge
Nitro Type
A car racing typing game
Free Typing Games
Free Typing Games
KidzType – lots of free typing games
Type Racer
Type Racer – car typing games with race cars
Dance Mat Typing
Dance Mat Typing – free typing games from the BBC

What are the best kids typing games for young students?

Of the above listed games, the one that students and I like the best are the games from abcya.com. These include Typing Rocket and Typing Rocket Jr., Keyboard Zoo and Keyboard Zoo 2, and Keyboard Challenge. There are many other free keyboarding games on ABCYa, but those are some of our personal favorites. They offer a variety of difficulty levels that make them great for young students.

What is the best free typing game for older kids?

My favorite game for an older kid is Typing Club. With a quick Google signup process, students can complete lessons and practice keyboarding. My favorite part about this game is that by signing up, student process is saved and allows students to continue from where they left off when returning to Typing Club. Through the lessons, kids learn home row keys, top row, type the letters (and words) and other typing skills.

Why is typing important for kids?

As we become a more and more technological society, the ability to quickly write on a variety of devices will become more and more important. Kids can become proficient at typing on a phone with their thumbs fairly independently. Typing on a full size computer keyboard or on a tablet keyboard, however, requiring all 10 fingers is a skill that must be learned and practiced. Many schools are now providing students with their own devices, either tablet or laptop computer. Many jobs require employees to be able to type a certain number of words per minute minimum to qualify.

Can kids learn typing with online games?

Kids can certainly learn how to type with interactive online typing games. The highest quality ones will provide lessons that require kids to practice discrete skills and demonstrate proficiency before continuing to the next lesson. They will also use a variety of methods to engage students – themed games, point systems, prizes/incentives, etc.

Conclusion: Best Free Keyboarding Games For Kids

Try a few of these games, and see which ones your students like! I’m sure they’ll find at least a few that they’ll enjoy. If there are any others that you like that you’d like to add, let me know! If any games no longer work or require payment, please say so in the comments!

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