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Wait Time in Student-Centered Discussion

Wait time in student-centered discussion is so important. Using wait time helps to decrease teacher talk and increase student talk and participation. What should you do for wait time? How much wait time should you give? Many great ideas to help you effectively use wait time as well as some things not to do during student discussions so you don't hijack a conversation and give students ownership of discussions whether you're in elementary or secondary.

How many times does this happen? You’re having a classroom discussion, your students are talking and then…crickets. You’re a great teacher, so you know that you need to provide adequate wait time, but that silence is deafening. All too often, I used to jump in and provide an idea or add a follow-up question to […]

Best Sentence Frames To Easily Teach Students Citing Text Evidence

Sentence Frames to Support Students Citing Text Evidence Pin 2

Getting students to cite text evidence can be a difficult skill to teach. Strategic use of sentence stems, sentence starters or sentence frames can make all the difference. I’m going to use the example of the book Julian is a Mermaid by Jessica Love to illustrate my point. This is an accompanying post to another […]

Questioning Techniques to Get Students Citing Text Evidence

Check out the 3 questioning techniques to get your students citing text evidence. Teaching your students to cite evidence from the text can be difficult especially in elementary. These questions are sure to help elementary school teachers get their Kindergarten, first, second, third, fourth or fifth grade students better at citing evidence just with the question that you ask.

Getting students citing evidence from texts can be a difficult task. Sometimes, no matter how many times you teach them how to cite evidence, they still don’t. The questioning techniques we use can have a profound impact on how our students answer the questions. Almost equally as important are the sentence frames we provide. Three […]