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Seals Are Jerks by Jared Chapman Book Review

A hilarious story of a girl’s disillusion at the realization that her favorite animal isn’t exactly what she thought they were: Seals Are Jerks by Jared Chapman.

Seals Are Jerks Review

Sometimes learning the truth isn’t always fun. Lorelei learns this when she finds out that seals and penguins aren’t actually friends. In fact, seals eat penguins! Does that make seals jerks, though? Lorelei and readers have to decide for themselves. This book is a new sort of nonfiction with facts presented in the context of a story – nonfiction lite, if you will. Kids will be laughing hysterically while learning about a food chain. It’s one of the best ways to learn! Librarians may struggle with shelving this one since it has both fictional and factual facets to, but kids will check it out whether its cataloged as a picture book or as nonfiction.


The illustrations are also a real standout with this book. Younger readers will enjoy the graphic novel-esque illustrations that give them the feeling of reading a graphic novel or comic book while reading a story presented at their interest and reading levels. It’s a great book for younger students who may not be ready for graphic novels but are interested in the playful, graphic nature of graphic novels.

Teachers will love to share this book as a read aloud or even to have students read it independently as part of an arctic animals study.


This book has many lessons in it including the need for research, the effect of inquiry, and dealing with learning troubling truths. Chapman tells a compelling story. This book that will be much enjoyed when read aloud or read independently. Seals are Jerks by Jared Chapman is a must add book for all children’s libraries with primary grades especially pre-Kindergarten through second grade will delight in this book.

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