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Meet the author of the picture book brain, josh ryan

Josh Ryan Reading to Class

Life as a first year teacher

Hi and welcome to Picture Book Brain!  My name is Josh Ryan, and in 2010 I was a new teacher in a second grade bilingual classroom.  Now I’m a school librarian!

As a first year teacher, I failed a lot.  I had no lesson plans or even a lesson plan framework to have a successful lesson.  Literacy was my favorite, though, so I wanted to make my literacy block my most successful time. I worked HARD, but I now have lessons and resources for books that I LOVE.  I also have curriculum for other subject areas including ESL, writing, math and language development in two languages that I continue to develop.  You can get those resources too!

My work at school now

In my school, I’ve mentored new teachers, and I now I love working with teachers to help them get the tools to become more effective. It’s important to have a better work-life balance by simplifying your planning and integrate technology in your classroom.

Reading with Students
Josh Ryan with the Littles

Who am I?

-certified library media specialist

-reading specialist

-bilingual teacher having presented

-new teacher mentor

-instructional technology coach

Featured in...

  • School Library Journal
  • 2 time presenter at state bilingual association conferences
  • Presenter at technology integration conference

Whether you’re a first year educator or a veteran, you don’t have any time to lose in school or outside school.  I develop lesson plans and lesson plan frameworks that you can implement and take your teaching to the next level TOMORROW and continue to use for years to come whether you’re teaching face to face, distance learning / virtual or teaching in a hybrid situation.  If you lose your weekends with family because you have to plan your lessons.  I was there too.  NO LONGER.  Get your planning for the week done by Friday afternoon.


Send me an email!  I love talking to teachers and librarians! You can use the contact form HERE.