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44 New and Noteworthy September Read Alouds For Kids

Looking for the best September read alouds for the classroom? These picture books for read alouds in September for elementary students are engaging for primary and upper elementary kids. Books with lesson plans and activities linked. Picture books about various topics such as back to school, September 11th / 9/11, family history, each person's own uniqueness, Hispanic Heritage Month and more for your kindergarten, first, second, third, fourth or fifth grade students. Your students will delight in these classic and brand new books!

Looking for the best September read alouds for the classroom? These picture books for read alouds in September for elementary students are engaging for primary and upper elementary kids. Books with lesson plans and activities linked. Picture books about various topics such as back to school, September 11th / 9/11, family history, each person’s own […]

Best Children’s Books About Names

The best children's books about names for Kindergartener, first, second, third and fourth grade. Picture books perfect for back to school and studies about identity or a learning your name unit. Books that nurture and build empathy for diverse cultures and diverse names. These children's picture books about names will be great for teachers and students in K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th grade! Lesson plans and activities also linked!

There are so many children’s books about names. Finding the best children’s books about names that incorporate diversity and understanding of diverse cultures and traditions can be difficult. You also don’t want to read the same book year after year for your back to school, identity or learning your name unit. These are some of […]

Social Distancing, Hand Washing and Mask Wearing Books For Kids

Social distancing, hand washing and face mask wearing books for kids! Stopping the spread of germs and viruses and keeping good hygiene can be difficult in schools. These books are great for teachers to teach kids to stay socially distant, to wash their hands and how to wear masks to kids and students. Most books are appropriate for K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th grade. Fun, quality stories to teach elementary students to stop the spread of germs especially for Kindergarten, first, second, third or fourth grade.

Social distancing, hand washing and mask wearing books for kids? These are difficult times, and making good choices to stay healthy and keep good hygiene (or as good as possible) is important. Books, as with everything, are an excellent way to teach your children or students about staying socially distant, washing hands and how to […]

What Are Some Surprisingly Easy Social Distancing Classroom Setup Ideas?

Check out these social distancing classroom setup ideas for elementary teachers. Classroom desk arrangement social distancing with student desks and tables. Options for flexible seating, classroom supplies, carpet spots. Also ideas to make distance learning easy for teachers. Want a socially distant classroom layout? Ideas for that as well to help make your year as fun as possible for Kindergarten through upper elementary kids!

As we go back to school this year, you’re probably looking for social distancing classroom setup ideas. For many, 6 feet of separation isn’t possible. Many are going to have to get rid of some of their comfy, soft flexible seating and look for something new. We also need to think about keeping each child’s […]

How to Engage Families in Reading

Looking for ways to engage families in reading at home? 5 tips and tricks for teachers to help parents read at home with their children. Questions, language strategies and MORE plus a FREE home reading survey to inventory for parents. Encourage them and show them the importance of reading at home!

For many years I’ve said that our biggest untapped resource for really improving student literacy is to engage families in reading. I’ve tried many different strategies throughout the years with mixed results. Recently, though, I dug into the research and found the start to some answers that i believe may be helpful. Summary of Strategies […]

How to Use Google in Your Read Aloud Lesson Plans

Check out these ideas and tips on how to use the Google Suite of apps like Docs, Slides, and Forms to make easy read aloud lesson plans and work to become a paperless classroom. Simple and quick ideas plus a free resource to get you started!

Generally read alouds and technology have never really meshed. With the advent of distance learning or virtual learning as my district calls it, we’ve learned that they do indeed mesh. You read aloud a book. Maybe it’s an e-book that you might play on BookFlix or Youtube or the like. Or even more scarce in […]

Weekly Dictado Schedule

Struggling to decide on a routine to follow with your dictado? Here are some ideas and tips for your Spanish weekly dictation routine to help your students master spelling and language. Buscas una rutina que seguir en tu dictado semanal de palabras o frases en primaria. Perfecto para hacer a diario en primer grado, segundo, tercero, cuarto, quinto o Kindergarten.

Done Are you trying to get into a routine for your Spanish dictado? Here I explain quickly what my weekly dictado schedule is like. It’s fast and easy, and your kids will be keeping you accountable for that schedule in no time. This schedule along with my other tips and tricks are what make my […]

Tips for Dictado in Elementary

Check out these tips for Spanish dictations for K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th grade. Strategies for your dictation writing activities practice connected to mentor texts. Plus a free dictado resource! Echa un vistazo a estas ideas para dictados para primaria (kinder, primero, segundo, tercero, cuarto o quinto grado). Estrategias para un dictado semanal que se hace a diario para el ano entero. Dictados conectados a libros mentores y un recurso GRATIS.

Just about anyone you talk to in bilingual education whether it’s bilingual, dual language, dual immersion, etc., agree that dictado is a powerful way of teaching Spanish language. It can teach language structures, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and can be used to contrast with English. It can be tricky to do in the younger grades. Dictado […]

How to Plan a Read Aloud – Part 2

These tips will help you plan your interactive read alouds with the end in mind. The first read is crucial for choosing activities, vocabulary, and questions. Lots of ideas plus a free resource to improve your #readalouds #teachingreading

I have had a lot of people ask me, since I have over 300 interactive read aloud lesson plans in my TPT store, how to plan a read aloud. I’m not going to lie, it’s a process. Planning one interactive read aloud takes me about 2.5 hours with Netflix on or 2 hours without Netflix […]

26 Best New and Noteworthy Books for Back to School Read Alouds

20 Best Back to School Read Alouds Monolingual Pin 1

Check out these 20 elementary read alouds for back to school! These fun activities are your survival kit perfect for Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. TIps and ideas to help you hack classroom management and build community while covering standards!