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Best Internet Safety Lessons For Kids

Internet safety is an important topic that parents should discuss with their children. Oftentimes, though, parents do not know how, and librarians and teachers are better prepared to teach about internet safety and digital citizenship. Here are some great resources for teaching kids how to keep safe online complete with videos, lessons, and more!

Internet Safety Videos

Brainpop Jr Internet Safety
Brainpop Jr. – Internet Safety video and quiz
Staying Safe Online Song
Common Sense Education – My Online Neighborhood
Pause and Think Online
The Internet Traffic Light

Videos About Using Media and the Internet Responsibly

My Media Balance
Common Sense Media Balance
How Does Technology Make You Feel?
The Power of Words – Cyber bullying
What’s a Cyberbullying?
Private and Personal Information

Evaluating Online Sources

Reading News Online
BrainPop Online Sources
How To Evaluate Sources Online

Internet Safety Games


Net Smartz Kids has great games about internet safety for primary grades Kindergarten through 2nd grade.

Cyber Five

Cyber Five is a fun animation with 5 internet safety tips for kids especially good for K-2.


ThinkUKnow is a fun site for upper elementary with internet safety games and videos.


Interland is another fun internet safety game, but this one is from Google! Another great one for grades 3-5.

More For Parents:

Teach them how to use the internet safely

There are lots of ways to teach your kids about the dangers of the internet. You can start by talking to them about what they see on TV and movies. Then talk to them about the different kinds of people who might try to trick them into doing things online. Finally, make sure they understand that there are real consequences to sharing personal information online.

Teach them what they should and shouldn’t post online

If you’re worried about your child posting something inappropriate online, you can help them learn how to use social media safely by explaining why certain posts are unacceptable. For instance, you can explain that it’s not okay to share private photos without permission. Also, you can tell them that it’s not acceptable to post anything that makes fun of others, especially when they’re underage.

Teach them how to protect their privacy

You should also make sure that your children understand what personal information they share online. This includes things like their name, address, phone number, email address, and any other information that might identify them. They should also know that anyone who finds out this information can contact them directly.

Teach them how to stay safe when using social media

If you’re worried about your child’s safety while online, there are several ways to help keep them safe. First, talk with them about why it’s important to use good judgment when sharing personal information online. Second, encourage them to only give out information that they would feel comfortable giving out to friends and family members. Third, teach them how to recognize fake profiles and accounts. Finally, remind them not to post anything inappropriate or embarrassing.

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Conclusion: Best Internet Safety Lessons and Resources For Kids

Try a few of these free internet safety videos, lessons, and games, and see which ones your students like! I’m sure they’ll find at least a few that they’ll enjoy. If there are any others that you like that you’d like to add, let me know! If any links no longer work or require payment, please say so in the comments!

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