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Best Library Videos For Kids to Learn Library Skills

Looking for the best free library videos for kids? Want to find some videos to either teach library lessons or just to get some inspiration to teach your own library lessons? These library skills videos are sure to help you with any of these endeavors. Videos perfect for almost any grade level including elementary, middle or high school depending on the library skills you’re trying to teach. Videos include common skills like book care, navigating the library, using call numbers, and more!

Library Videos – Book Care and Library Rules

A great video from Shannon McClintock Miller about Library Rules
Book Care – Water Bottles and Water Damage
Book Care – Protecting Books from the Elements
Book Care – Food Damage
Book Care – Writing, Dog Earing, Highlighting, etc.
Good or Not Good For Books?
Mr. Ginger – How to Take Care of Library Books!
Cookie Monster – What is a Library?
Scaredy Squirrel – Library Rules and Book Care
Mr. Wiggle’s Book Care
How to Take Care of library Books
10 Ways to Take Care of Library Books

Videos About How to Use a Library – How to Find Books in a Library

Using a Shelf Marker

How to Use a Shelf Marker
The Shelf Marker Song
How to Find a Book Song
Fiction or Nonfiction? Song
The Dewey Decimal Rap – Using the Dewey Decimal System
The NEW Dewey Decimal Rap
Read It Maybe – Fun song to encourage kids to grab a book and read it maybe
I Like Big Books

Internet Safety and More!

The Library Song – Sesame Street
The Library Song 2 – Sesame Studios
Staying Safe Online Song
Common Sense Education – My Online Neighborhood
Pause and Think Online
The Internet Traffic Light
Brainpop Internet Safety Picturebookbrain
Brainpop Jr. – Internet Safety video and quiz
5 Internet Safety Tips for Kids
My Media Balance

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Conclusion: Best Library Videos For Kids

Try a few of these free library videos, and see which ones your students like! I’m sure they’ll find at least a few that they’ll enjoy. If there are any others that you like that you’d like to add, let me know! If any videos no longer work or require payment, please say so in the comments!

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